Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been receiving a number of questions about the room that was used for the Seattle Magazine Red Carpet Oscar Party so I thought I would share with you more of the details of how the room was created. It's actually my media room that I had recently renovated just prior to creating that feature for the magazine. I wanted to create a space that could both function as a comfy oasis for us to indulge in the guilty pleasures on our Tivo as well as a place I could entertain friends for game night or gathering to watch a movie. There's nothing like experiencing a film in a theater so my goal was to recreate that feeling.

I like to make grand entrances, (surprise surprise) and my media room is downstairs.  So I painted a red "carpet" runner down the length of my short set of stairs leading into the room.

Inside the room, the first thing to do was to establish an inviting darkness that would help to best view the screen but not be oppressive when the room wasn't being utilized as a theater. I did this with a new coat of Benjamin Moore "Galaxy" on the walls.

To showcase our "screen," I worked with a friend of mine to sew theater-like curtains in a deep red velvet. I attached two dowel rods, one from the ceiling and one along the center plane, and with attached eyelets, we ran the curtains along the dowels. I love the curtains because they also serve to hide my entertainment unit which houses all of the media necessities. To add an extra punch of drama, I installed three Hopen spotlights from Ikea on the floor to illuminate the folds in the curtain.

There's nothing better than stretching out when watching a little TV, so I brought home the Karlstad modular sofa from Ikea with the Ullevi gray wool cover. I added a pop of color with a mix of custom throw pillows in raspberry and sand with silver accents.

On the built-in bookshelves behind the sofa, I've added a few cinematic accessories and draped them with exposed film stock, which you can find on craigslist or even your local multiplex. I also created luminaries by adhereing the film stock to the inside of hurricanes.

I sprayed out film reels that I purchased at Display & Costume to create an inexpensive, decorative wall piece to continue with the vintage theater feel.

This room is where I keep my father's custom bar that he had built while he was living in Germany in the 1950s. Depending on the occasion, it serves either popcorn or potent potables!

As I mentioned in the Oscar Party post, I often serve popcorn to my guests and I like to have on hand different sweet and savory spices so my guests can choose how they'd like to season their own bowl. For your own popcorn "bar" you can find nostalgic popcorn makers at Macy's. Reusable plastic popcorn boxes  from Lillian Vernon will add a touch of authenticity to your snacking.

We've been thoroughly enjoying our home movie theater, I hope this inspires you to bring a touch of fun authenticity to yours!


Angie said...

Is the Karlstad comfy? I have always been leery of IKEA sofas. (Just sofas, I love everything else from IKEA.) What a fun room!

Kelley Moore said...

Thanks Angie! Yes, the Karlstad sofa is super comfy...in fact, I often fall asleep on it! ;)

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