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Along the road of my career and travels, I've been extremely fortunate to meet and work with an array of incredibly talented people. Ramblings is my way of picking their brain for more insight and juicy tidbits to share with you.

Ally (AKA Alek) is an artist, traveler, serial mover, and design blogger. She's a former contributor at Apartment Therapy and currently a regular guest blogger for Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine’s blog.

I love the story of the naming of Ally's blog - Ally started her blog From the Right Bank after she moved from the right bank of Paris to Seattle and named it From the Right Bank to the Left Coast. Ally tells of patting herself on the back for coming up with such a clever name. Until she moved to Atlanta. She says she didn’t see that coming. So now it’s just From the Right Bank. That story makes me giggle every time I read it. Ally describes her inspiration as stemming from being "obsessed with homes my entire life. Mine, yours, total strangers’, grand, rustic, urban, rural . . . I love them all!  I used to rearrange my room constantly as a kid and never really stopped; I always look at real estate listings when I’m on vacation; and I could watch House Hunters International all day long. And I have."

Ally says that "If there’s one thing I love more than design, it’s traveling.  It’s what fuels and inspires me so when I’m not rearranging the furniture, I’m most likely planning my next big adventure. If it requires a visa and an immunization or two . . . even better! I’ve been lucky enough to visit over 40 countries so far but I feel like I’m only getting started. I have a feature called Traveling Thursdays  where I share great design hotels and special places to stay, take you along on some of my travels, and discuss other fun travel-related things." 


What is your greatest extravagance?
Flying first class internationally.

What career would you pursue if you weren’t doing what you do now?
I always wanted to be on Broadway. I'd also love to work for House Hunters International in any capacity. You hear that, HGTV? I've got lots of expertise and ideas. Okay, call me.

Which living person do you most admire?
Jimmy Carter.

What three things can’t you live without?
A really good bed and linens, a good moisturizer, and my iphone.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Watching the Hot Topics on the View.

What is your favorite color combination?
It changes almost daily but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be black and white.

What is the favorite room in your house and why?
Every room in my house is in progress right now so I don't have one yet. But in my last house, it was my dining room because it was just the perfect mix that I strive for in my home and it contained a lot of pieces that have special meaning.


What is the most memorable event you’ve attended and why?
I saw a funeral procession in Bali and it was a spectacular celebration involving an entire village. It showed me an entirely different way of looking at life and death.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I like country music!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people stand too close to you in lines. Seriously, why do people do that?


diane@onlinefabricstore said...


I am so with you on many and white combos and people standing too close in line. And then they talk loudly, whack you in the back with their bags and chew gum in your ear...yuck! I am moving to a mountain top! Nice intereview.

A Perfect Gray said...

I adore Ally and her wonderful sense of style. Great piece!

Emily said...

Great interview...great blog!

Julie Holloway said...

so surprised she loves country music....I would love to see her at a Brad Paisley show. Too cute.

Also, do you have a way I can follow your blog? I follow instead of subscribe by helps me keep track.


Erika said...

More than 40 countries? *sigh* I love that she loves all kinds of homes and doesn't have just one style! Great interview with an awesome lady!


This was so much fun! Thanks for having me, Kelley! xoxo

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Kelley thanks for sharing more about Ally with us all. I adore her and her incredible blog and now more of the same. Shocked about the country music, and chuckled over the 'hot topic's' comment. I first started following Ally when I discovered she was a Seattle blogger and I haven't stopped reading since. She's a great source of inspiration and fun.

Cheers to you ladies ~ deb

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